Thursday, March 28, 2019

Easter Table with Fabric Decoupaged Plastic Eggs

Easter Table with 
Fabric Decoupaged Plastic Eggs

I searched online for instructions on how to make fabric decoupaged plastic eggs and could not find them anywhere! Most people use napkins or tissue paper but I wanted to use fabric. They also often treat their plastic eggs with special products or sand thanks :)! I decided to experiment with mod podge and fabric and it worked like a charm!   

With a 40% off coupon, I bought 18", 16", and 12" plastic eggs from Hobby Lobby for around $12 total.  

INSTRUCTIONS: First, cut fabric into 3-inch wide strips. Then, paint mod podge onto your plastic egg exactly where you would like to attach the fabric. Place a fabric piece over the glued area and apply another layer of mod podge directly over the top of your fabric. Make sure you overlap the fabric layers a little so there are no gaps. If the top/bottom of your egg gets too bulky with fabric, use scissors to taper your fabric edges. In other words, instead of creating a rectangular end make a rounded triangular end. Repeat instructions until your egg is completely covered.

The larger eggs (12"-18") are easier to decorate and look smoother when finished than smaller eggs. You could embellish the eggs with trim to hide undesired blemishes. I would attach the trim with a glue gun.


Happy Easter and Happy Egging :).

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