Monday, February 18, 2019

Baptism Rainbow Bookmark

Baptism Rainbow Bookmark

I finally created a bookmark that helps children remember the Baptism covenants they make and the promises they receive!  This bookmark coordinates with my Baptism Rainbow Talk and is now available super cheap in MyCreativeStirrings Etsy Shop.

I have started giving a copy of the talk (also emailable in pdf form :)), the bookmark, and Skittles to each child in our ward who gets baptized.  It is my simple way of serving the children around me.  When I can find these awesome rainbow erasers ar the Dollar Tree I include those too.

 The coolest eraser ever!  These seem to come and go at our Dollar Tree.  Keep your eye peeled and when you find them purchase the whole case haha.

This is what the PDF file looks like.  There are three bookmarks per page.  

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