Monday, November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving Service Activity

Family Gratitude Journal
This Journal is a fantastic way to foster gratitude amongst family members this holiday season! 

All you need is blank paper and you could make this service activity work (instructions located below).  If possible, a stuffed turkey does make it a little more exciting.  I received this turkey years ago as a gift from my mother. She purchased it through Hallmark. After thinking up this idea, as usual, I wanted to mass produce it so had to find a cheaper bird :). I found a cheaper turkey through Oriental Trading Company for about $3.60 each.  The turkeys are cheap but work.  I also had my Girl Scout troop make their own turkeys out of felt and pipe cleaners.  They turned out fun and the girls had a blast.



Prayerfully choose a family member to serve.  Then, write them a sweet note expressing your gratitude and love.  Try to fill up a whole page.  When they are not looking, place this turkey and notebook on their pillow or in a spot they will find it.

Try to pass it along quickly so that each family member will have a turn to write to everyone in the month of November.  Those who are little can draw pictures and have others write for them.  If you have guests, allow them to join in the fun!  Once everyone has written a note to each family member, repeat the fun!  There are so many reasons to be thankful for those you love.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! 

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