Thursday, June 14, 2018

July 4th Painted DIY Pillows

4th of July 
DIY Painted Pillows

Happy 4th of July!  I wanted to create some July 4th decorations, so I decided to paint some more pillows haha.  I used scraps of fabric and found inspiration everywhere! I am not a painter or an artist.  I have never really taken art lessons...which may be obvious :).  I tell you this to encourage you to try it out!!  Paint some pillows!  The pillows are stuffed with smaller pillows and plastic bags.  

This pillow was inspired by a stranger's swimming suit I saw at the pool.  Her whole suit was covered in tiny flowers. 

This pillows basic design floated into my brain one fine day :).  After I painted it, I saw another girl in a swimming suit that had a similar design haha.  Swimming suits can be very inspiring!

One of my favorite pillows and painted by my sweet husband.  I told him that I wanted to paint with him and wondered if he could design a pillow that others could copy.  He came up with all kinds of bald eagles, head casts of presidents...  I shot him down, poor guy.  I wasn't sure if others would feel that those were easy to copy.  Nonetheless, I finally gave him a firework theme and he did great, as usual!  Thank you Thomas! 

This pillow was not my original design.  I found a free printable online and LOVED IT!  I painted a similar design. 

Here are a few super short tutorials...

I made and copied a star off my computer in Microsoft word and then cut it out. Then, I used painters tape to outline the star on my fabric.

Using a ruler, I drew straight lines across the star where I wanted my stripes.   

Then, using tape I taped off different lines to paint the various colors.  Painters tape works really really well!  Make sure you press down your edges for cleaner lines.

My flower pillow was made by taping off a star in the middle with painters tape.  Then, I filled in simple stars all over the rest of the pillow.  I liked to practice on paper before I painted on my pillow.  Make sure you paint a lot of flowers on the tape border so that you have a clean line when you remove the tape.

Happy Birthday America!

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