Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Kids Painted Valentine Pillows

Kids Painted Valentine's Pillows

We had a girls night-in this weekend when the boys were on a campout.  While potty training a baby, 3 of my 4 girls painted Valentine's pillows :).  It was quite the adventure but well worth the effort!

Painted by Penelope, Age 8 1/2- She is not done and would like to add a lace doily to the front. We used scraps of fabric and did an opened fold-over back to avoid buttons and zippers.  We used acrylic paints.

Painted by Olive, Age 11- She traced a heart onto her fabric and then carefully filled in the shape with metallic gold, acrylic paint.  She used a pencil's eraser to paint on the white polk-a-dots.  She sewed her actual pillow all by herself!  Yeah for Olive!  Some of these pillows are stuffed with plastic bags :).  Stuff them with anything you can find.

Painted by Genavieve, Age 6 1/2.  First, we traced a large heart onto the pillow.  Then, we put painters tape around the edges so that she could go to town and not worry about painting in the lines.  She swirled her paint brush to make roses...sort of.  

Confession- She had a few rose swirls and then also some words that didn't all fit on the pillow.  After day one of potty training I decided to add some more swirls and "accidentally" covered up her words.  My older girls laughed at me. I decided I got voted worse mom of the day award...ha ha.  The next day she showed her dad the pillow and said, "My painted a pillow last night and when I woke up it looked like the whole thing was covered in roses and my words disappeared."  What?  There must be some Valentine magic in that pillow!  We all survived day one of potty training :).

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