Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Years Service Notebook

New Years Service Notebook

January is not over yet so I am not tardy :).  Here is a fun cheap gift to give those you love, visit, or live with.  This notebook could be used by one or shared by many.  Simply, copy and print the text below and attach to a notebook or notepad (choose a book you can tear pages out of).

New Year’s

To live a year that is blessed,
Use these pages to serve your best.

Use every page of this notebook to bless someone’s life and you will inevitably bless your own!

Ideas Could Include:
-Give a note to someone you see
-Record what you are thankful for each day
-Record inspirational thoughts and share them with others
-Write down short spiritual lessons and write them in your journal or give them to someone you know
-Record a service you will perform
-Use this as an individual or as a family

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