Friday, December 1, 2017

Winter Wonderland
Here is a winter party I threw for my 9 year old a few years back :).  All of the tree cones are made out of stapled poster board and random craft supplies I had in my house.

This paper tree is made out of poster board and tissue paper.  I cut out bazillions of tissue paper circles and stapled stacks of them all over the cone.  Once stapled I fluffed the circles.

The silver cone is just scrapbook paper.  The blue star on top is also scrapbook paper with a wooden kabob stick holding it up.

This tree was spray painted silver and then I adhered these clear beads.  I have no idea what the clear beads are and have been storing them for years...from the dollar tree.  This one makes for messy storage but I am still using these cones today.  I believe I used hot glue...sorry I don't remember :).

This is what it looks like...furry yarn tied around a cone.  Make sure you glue it here and there so it doesn't slip.

This leaf cone is made by gluing white spray painted fake leaves onto the cone.  

More scrapbook paper!  Those ones are the easiest!

I placed silver snowflakes under the cones and put silver ornaments around the table.

For the place settings I used snowflake paper plates and chevron napkins.


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