Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tree of Life Conference Cake

Hello long lost friends.  It has been awhile and I have accumulated many ideas as well as an inspired new direction!  The exciting new change will hopefully aire soon.  Maybe in between now and then I can post some long overdue posts.  Some of these posts are five+ years old...yikes.  

For those reading my blog for the first time know that this site is almost 100% me and my little family.  For the most part, we do not post others ideas or ever steal ideas from outside blogs tweaking a few things to call it our own...nope...we are lowly creators that post creations from our own brains.  We don't make money, generally speaking, but post to inspire those around us FOR FREE!  We were poor college students from 1998-2014. We finally have a job and are trying to act like regular job faring citizens.  My posts from the past reflect the kind of life we lived while students.  We turned a lot of trash into treasure :).  What fun!  We feel blessed beyond words and pray you do too!

We just had a bi-annual conference in our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was assigned to bring a dessert to our family get together and decided it had to be fun and appropriate for the occasion.  I am posting this cake as it is still fall and maybe fun to make for a family night.  You could change out the candy around the bottom of the cake to match your season of choice.

I did not want to use chocolate icing so I tinted my regular white icing with cocoa to get the brown color.  I used the cake tip with jagged edges to get the texture on the trunk of the tree.  The white balls are Sixlets, found in a regular grocery store cake section.  Graham cracker crumbs surround the 3 layered cake.  Those were tricky to adhere...good luck :).  I had to push the graham cracker crumbs into the icing.  I believe everything else can be figured out...if not contact me.  

Since we don't make money, and I don't have a lot of time, there will be many mistakes in this blog.  It is part of the creative process.  Mistakes often lead into more treasures to be shared!  Happy Fall!

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