Tuesday, March 4, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Gift Idea...you could easily mail in a flat envelope!

St. Patrick's Day Surprise

I thought it would be fun to send some St. Patrick's Day cheer to those we love and so I came up with this idea...We created a family RAINBOW!  

Each person got to select a color as well as an object they would chose to represent that color and then were asked to explain why.  The objects chosen to represent each color were flat so that we could air mail our rainbow at a cheaper price.  If you are not mailing your rainbow you could  use larger objects to represent the colors in your rainbow.  This was really fun in that we got to see a glimpse of each persons personality.

We placed one set of our rainbow items in a decorated a tissue box for a set of friends who lives close by.

I included an explanation of the contents of my package:

Our Rainbow

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  We made you a rainbow and want to send it to your home.  Each of us contributed an object that represents one of our favorite rainbow colors:

Red- Tommy chose Lava to represent red because, “Lava represents when you were first born.  When it comes down the mountain it is just like you are getting older.  Then, whenever it finally reaches the bottom, it hardens, and it is just like you died and passed on and people can see your grave.”
Orange- Thomas chose Pumpkin to represent orange because he “likes pumpkin pie”...all year round!
Yellow- Penelope chose Sunshine to represent yellow, “Cuz I like sunshines and because they are my favorite and it shines in my eyes and when it is morning time it comes out.”
Green- Melissa chose Money to represent green because, “who doesn’t like money?  We included a picture of 1 million dollars in $10 notes.  We visited The Department of Treasury- where they make dollar bills, in D.C.  It was a lot of fun!”
Blue- Olive chose Flowers to represent blue because, “They are pretty and I like them!”
Purple/Pink- Genavieve chose Princesses to represent purple/pink because, “its my favwit” and she thinks she is a pink and purple pincess!

RED- Lava...or HOT Cinnamon Gum
The Volcano drawing came from another site.  My child simply colored it in :)

ORANGE- Pumpkin...or an inspirational story about pumpkins

YELLOW- Sunshine...or a die-cut of a sun with a note/drawing on the back

GREEN- Money...or a die-cut of money with a picture of our family with $1 Million dollars

BLUE- Flowers...a seed packet of blue flowers

PURPLE/PINK- Princesses...stickers of princesses

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