Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baptism Talk Idea

Baptism Talk Idea

"I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain..." Song title: When I am Baptized

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I was asked to give a talk at a baptism this last week.  As St. Patrick's Day fast approaches my brain was on leprechauns and rainbows :).  So, I decided to drop the leprechaun thought and go with rainbows.  

When we get baptized we make a few promises and in return we are promised certain blessings.  As I laid these promises and blessings onto the rainbow idea it all connected beautifully!  I created each color as a separate strip so that while I spoke I could tape each color to the board when I discussed the principal.

Promises We Make:
RED- Take upon ourselves the Name of Jesus Christ
I glued on a heart with Jesus Christ's name inside the heart

ORANGE- Always remember Him
An orange cone signifies awareness which correlates with always remembering

YELLOW- Keep His commandments
A miniature image of golden plates reminds of us His commandments

GREEN- Serve Him to the end
A green stop light tells us to Go, Go, Go...don't stop.  In other words, serve Him to the end!

BLUE- If we repent we will be forgiven
Water represents cleansing

PURPLE- Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost
Purple gift symbolizes receiving a gift

CLOUDS- Always have His Spirit to be with you

Pure white light is made out of all the colors of the rainbow.  When you get baptized you make promises and in return you are promised blessings.  When combined these steps purify and prepare you to return to your Heavenly Father.

The talk seemed to go over well enough :).  I had a few adults mention that they appreciated hearing a new approach.  Many said, "Wow, I haven't seen this idea fun!"  It made me laugh...and no, I did not mention that is was my idea :).  My seven year old now has all the principles memorized and I do too for the first time!  I guess the concept helped at least two people.


NaDell said...

Great idea! Thank you for sharing it!

Sylvia said...

What a great idea!! Thank you so much for sharing it. You were surely inspired.

I would just add that the Savior, through the Atonement, can and does recharge our colors each week as we renew our covenants helping us to brightly shine as we reflect His light. Taking the sacrament each week is important to the well-being of our rainbows {aka souls, testimony, covenants} so they don't fade or vanish away.

Creative Stirrings said...


I love your comment. Thank you for taking the time to write that!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you! This is such an ingenious idea and it went over really well at a baptism today. My additions were: a PURPLE gift bag with Skittles, a rainbow colored ruffle scarf (when you hold it up, it's the shape of a rainbow and they can wear it to remember their covenants), and some chocolate gold coins (treasure at the end of the rainbow-they are a treasure to Heavenly Father and their family.) Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful idea! I've been asked to give the Baptism talk for our stake baptisms and will use your idea.

sylvie said...

great idea I am adding it to my talk:)

Kiley said...

This is amazing! My niece just asked me to speak at her baptism next week and this was the first idea to pop up on Pinterest. This is seriously so cool! She is going to love it. Thank you!

The Becker Bunch said...

I love this idea! Definitely unique! I know it has been a couple years but I just had a couple questions...
Was the whole board completed already when you started or did you assemble colors/words/objects as you taught.
Also, what object did you use for the white clouds?
Thank you again for this beautiful lesson! I'm excited to use it this weekend!

Bugga said...

Thank you so much for sharing this clever way of helping children remember their baptismal covenants. I was able to share this visual aid at my grandson's recent baptism. A little granddaughter came up to me, afterwards and asked if I would share this at her baptism in a few months. It kept all the children's attention....and even the adults'. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea!. I had the opportunity to do it! Thank you!