Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentines, Birthday, or Anniversary Gift Idea!

What are you going to give your sweetheart for Valentines?  Or their Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas?  

Give them a COMPLIMENT...or a few!

For my sweethearts birthday I came up with 34 thoughtful compliments that I attached to 34 gifts.  Most of the gifts corresponded to the compliments.  This sounds like a lot of is!  However, it was really really beneficial for me and him!  It reminded me why I love him and how great he really is.  It provided us with a fun activity on his birthday (I made him read each one out loud), it is a great journal entry, and it helped him feel loved! 

If you care to use this idea here are some helpful hints and an example of one compliment:

1. Start by shopping and picking out his/her favorite treats and or small gifts that you think he/she would like.  (I bought predominantly food items)
2. Decide whether you would like others to help write some of the compliments.  (i.e.- I had each of my four children come up with 3 compliments each and then I bought one gift representing each of them.)
3. Start writing or typing each compliment and then see if you can associate it with a gift you bought.  EXAMPLE:
GIFT: A package of socks

COMPLIMENT: You help others feel cozy!  You always go above and beyond to help your family as well as guests feel comfortable.  In fact, you go above and beyond to make sure that they are content in every way possible.  Another thing I like about you is that you are willing to serve me and others at your own expense.  You stay up until all hours of the night socializing or consoling when you are not even a night owl.  Most of the time your eyelids continuously close and yet you continue to wake yourself up and act interested.  Most people would throw in the towel, but not you!  You are a trooper to the end.

4.Wrap each gift and attach the associated compliment to the package.
5. Find a large bag to place your gifts in and write a card.  You can use my card as your base if you are now at a loss for words :).
6. Hide the goods and pat yourself on the back!!


girlygirl said...

Hi melissa, I just love your blog and creativity. I love what you did for your husband, how sweet! :) Your blog has given me lots of ideas, however I never seem to put those ideas in action. I am amazed that you can do all you do, and be such a great wife and mother. Good job! I was thinking of some fun times we had in hawaii and all the long hours we would socialize. So long ago, yet seems like yesterday. I remember working at the seasider ice cream area and I often got so bored because it would get slow sometimes. You always came in for yogurt and we would talk. Thanks for making my job there more fun. Anyway, good times. I need to get better at blogging myself. It seems life can get so busy.

Creative Stirrings said...


Where are you? I really hope you read this. I cannot find any of your contact information!!! I have tried many times! Please send me something :). Thank you!