Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Valentine Card Idea

Here is an idea if you have yet to come up with something for Valentine's.  Take a cheap Shower Curtain and go to town decorating with permanent markers or paint.  

Test your art to make sure it does not bleed.  If you are worried that it may bleed hang it on the outside of the shower.  Your sweetheart can read it while they sit in the bathroom and brush their teeth :).

Allow your children to decorate a corner or two as it takes up space! 

Here is an example of a silly note I wrote on my sweet hearts shower curtain.  Have fun creating!  I have to admit...I was giggling the whole time I wrote it...and still am :).

In case your eyes do not function as you may desire, the picture reads:

Why Should You Shower?

Because your...
Head is beautiful
Eyes are large
Ears are small and perfect
Jaw line is manly
Lips are full and happy
Hair is perfect and nicely colored
Arms are strong
Stomach is toned and jolly
Back is tough and ripply...with muscles
Legs are muscular
Feet are furry and fun

And because you should properly maintain PERFECTION!

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Unknown said...

Great idea! I'm doing it:)