Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monster Birthday OR Halloween PARTY

I set a goal this year.  I wanted to create a party in a day instead of a month :).  Some of my previous parties took me well over 50 hours to create/make.  Since I do not get paid to do this I decided my priorities were a little off and so have since re-vamped.  I hope you enjoy even if every square inch of my Monster Party isn't drooling detail.

I created a fun hanging mobile (using paper, rubber stamps, yarn, and tape) and placed it in the middle of a bed canopy.

I created 6 monster friend cupcakes to decorate the middle of the table.

The cup cakes were boosted up onto frosting containers.  I covered frosting containers with scrapbook paper and their lids with facial tissue.

The place settings were simple.  I added a jagged green border to each piece of monster scrapbook paper and called it good.

The cups had different variations of googly eyes with orange napkins coming out the top.

This table was not premeditated!  It was thrown together last minute.  It worked, as the kids who sat here never complained :).

My party favor played on the theme, "There are Monsters Under My Bed."  I made a bed which held all kinds of goodies (items one would find under the birthday boys bed).  Check out my Monster Party Favor for more details.

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