Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flower Party- Party Favor


Here is the party favor from my Flower Birthday Party!  I had three goals in mind when creating this, 1. Don't spend money, 2. Keep it simple, simple, simple, and 3. Make it unique.  I believe I accomplished #1 and #3 but could have improved a bit on #2.

You are probably wondering what makes this unique.  Well, because I was too cheap to purchase batting I decided to fill it with party gifts that were appropriate with the Flower Birthday Party theme.  Since there were items stuffed inside I called it my Secret Garden Pillow.  The items were surrounded by tissue paper.  After the party favors are removed one could fill it with a myriad of objects.

The first item to be pulled out was a note explaining the party favor.  It read:

Secret Garden Pillow

Thank you for frolicking with us at the party!  We hope you enjoy this Secret Garden Pillow.  Do not be deceived by first glance.  This pillow if filled with treasures the party girl would want in her secret garden:

Whimsical butterflies
A shovel made for her
Food for animal friends
Magical worms that allow you to see things others can't
Seed packets to grow beautiful flowers

Have fun filling this pillow with some of your own treasures; tissue paper/grocery sacks, will help fill the gaps.

Food for animal friends with instructions.
To create the tube I simply filled the inside of a toilet paper tube with bagged sunflower seeds.

Then, I covered each roll in white tissue paper, decorative paper, and instructions.  The ends were tied off with hot pink tulle.

Whimsical butterfly Hair Clips made out of spray painted fake flower leaves, beads, and pipe cleaners.

A shovel made for her :).

Seed packets to grow beautiful flowers.  Dollar stores carry these super cheap; 4/$1.

Magical worms that allow you to see things others can't.  The tag says: 

Magical Worms
Eat three a day, and you will see things outside that others cannot!

The pillow was made out of scrap fabric.  I added some machine stitching for pizazz.  The flowers could be easily removed.  I used Velcro at the base of the pillow so that it could be re-opened. 


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