Monday, March 18, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

This party was brightly colored with a Strawberry Shortcake Theme.  I set a goal this year to simplify my parties.  I am not entirely sure if I accomplished that after I completed the party favor :).  Oops!  I guess I will try again next time.  Enjoy the pictures and ideas and please give appropriate credit!

These lanterns were made out of poster board and construction paper.  I hand cut the strawberries and taped them onto yarn for added texture and fun.

My cake was simple...yeah for me!  I covered a 2 layer round cake with frosting.  Then, I taped a bright ribbon around the cake and finished it off by sticking oodles of mini marshmallows onto the frosting.

You could place paper cut outs on top for some extra flair.

The table runner was made with white and green poster board.

I created strawberry shaped plates by using six red plates as six strawberry bodies.  Then, I cut up 3 additional red plates for the tips of the strawberries (9 plates total).  I taped the tips onto the underside of the strawberry bodies.  I drew the seeds on with permanent markers and cut the green foliage on top of the strawberry from construction paper.

The embellishments on the cup were made from construction paper, rubber stamps, and black ink.  The swirly dot pattern was stamped on with the rubber stamp.  I dipped all paper pieced edges in black ink.

I cut a fluted edge into each napkin and then fluffed them up before setting them into my cups.

SMALL Table Setting Ideas
Here was our guest of honor.  She was very easy to please and didn't eat a thing :).

Unfortunately, our dining table is not large enough to seat one and all.  This means I have one more spot to decorate :).  This is a fun way I use items I don't end up displaying on the main table.

I placed a piece of green fabric over the table for a table cloth.

My wall decor is created out of construction paper, rubber stamps, and black ink.

I photographed a few plate varieties for fun.

My small cake looked like a snowball.  I covered a large cup cake with icing, mini marshmallows, and then bordered the bottom of the cake with stripped peppermint candies.

Here is one of the items I created for my party favor.  Check out my upcoming post for the rest.

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Jon said...

WOW WOW WOW! You HAND CUT all those little strawberries? And a COSTUME was the party favor? OK, it's official - you are way out of my league! (OK, that was true long ago, actually!) :) Amazing! I don't have any strawberry shortcake fans in my family but this makes me want to have a strawberry shortcake party anyway! :) ~Sarah