Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flower Birthday Party- Easter Table Setting

My daughter just celebrated her birthday where she requested a "Flower Party".  I decided to create an elegant table setting that could also transition into an Easter Table Setting.   I believe this is my simplest birthday party yet and it only cost me one extra dollar (including the party favor).  I put my junk, in and around my house, to work and created this...

I gathered fallen branches and leftover spray paint to give the branches a golden metallic sheen.

I hot glued pink flowers all over the branches in places that appeared natural.  The branches were hung from the ceiling with clear acrylic thread.

My cake was simple and quick.  I used tissue paper, cupcakes, and cookies to create a giant flower.

I cut wide and narrow petals out of white tissue paper; stapling the bottom of each petal.

Then, the petals were simply laid on the table. 

The center of the flower, or the edible portion, was set on top of a white plate and then in the center of the white tissue paper petals hiding their stapled ends.

My daughter requested chocolate cake for dessert.  I dipped the tops of my cupcakes in chocolate chips and clear sprinkles.  The cookies were all wafer cookies cut in half.

To add more texture and color I placed teacups in the center of Large Paper Flowers; one of my earlier creations.

The Large Paper Flowers are easy to make and store.  Check out my previous post for instructions.  I used brown postal paper from the dollar store.  NOTE- Cut out many flowers at once.  You can hold the paper in place by stapling in-between the petals.

My flower folded and fluttery.  If you need to store these before the party fold each set of three up completely so that all petals point towards the center.  Fold in one layer at a time, not all three layers at the same time.  Then, flip the entire folded flower over so that the folded pieces are on the bottom.

Check out my side table soon!

Don't forget the party favor...which is also coming soon!

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