Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Gift/Date Idea

Here is a fun Valentine's Day gift idea for your sweetheart, a friend, or children!  I embellished another tissue box with paper and garbage bag flowers and stuffed it with exciting goodies (treats, small gifts, and the following date).  The date was created for a couple and/or a family.  I placed a copy of it in this post in case you would like to give it to someone.  All you have to do is print off this post and cut out the letter strips without peaking (it is safe for all ages).  Then, fold the strips of paper up and place in your own embellished tissue box :).  Read the instructions in advance.   
Valentine’s Date
Mission- Win as many letter cards as possible so that you can claim ALL the prizes!
Winner- Before the game begins have all players decide what service they will give the winner if they do not win (i.e. back rub, make their bed...).  Allow each person to share what they will give the winner out loud.  The winner gets everyone’s service!
Supplies- Each player will need paper and a pencil, 1 lemon or lime wedge (or- 1T lemon/lime juice), and 1 timer for everyone to share.  You will also need to write the following letters on small pieces of paper for the “V” card, “V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S”.  Place these in an envelope or small container with the instructions and letter.
Rules- This family or couple game can be played with 2+ players.  Allow the oldest player to draw a card first.  Read the card out loud and then if appropriate have each player attempt to win the card by fulfilling the task as indicated.  The player who fulfills the task first or best wins the card.  If a player draws a card that is not competition based they can win the card by simply carrying out its instructions to the best of their ability.  Take turns drawing cards until all cards have been won.  The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins all prizes.  If there is a tie, create a tie breaking round using your imagination.

V- Allow each person to draw 5 letters putting them back into the container after the person draws.  Then, spell as many words as you can with your letters.  Whoever has the most unique words wins the card.  Decide if proper nouns count in advance.

A-Whoever ATE the most red, white, and pink foods today wins the card!

L-The person who can do the strangest thing with their LIPS wins this card!

E-The player that can EAT a lemon/lime slice without making a face or laughing wins the card.  Use 1T lemon/lime juice if you do not have the fruit.

N-In 20 seconds write as many words as you can that begin with “N.

T-TELL the other players the origins of Valentine’s Day.  If you do not know makeup a good story!

I-Whoever holds an ICE cube on their tongue the longest wins the card.

N-Take turns NAMING Valentine words without repeating.    If you repeat a word you are out. The last one to name a word wins.

E-Drop and give me 20!  If you can do 20 pushups you are the winner of this EXERCISE card.

S-On the count of 3 SPELL Valentine’s Day” backwards without peaking.  The fastest and most accurate person wins.

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