Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 I have spectacular news!  My Other Half and I just completed a Can of Dates Expansion Pack!  We are super excited to offer this new product in our Etsy Shop as it is filled with fun, cheap, and original date night ideas!  It is incredibly affordable and offers you 40 unique date night ideas for home and on the go.  This is more than worth its weight in memories!  Give it as an Anniversary, Valentine's, Birthday, or Wedding gift.

Here is a sneak peak of just one of our fun Date Night Ideas-

DOUBLE TROUBLE- This would be a fabulous game to play with another couple NOT close by.  Ask another couple in advance if they want to go on a double date with you...long distance.  Try not to look at the list in advance!  Tell the other couple that they will need the following items to participate: 1. Camera, 2. A way to send and receive photos electronically, 3. Box of brownies with supplies to make them, 4.Creative juices :).  Arrange a time to begin and send them the following information: 

Picture Scavenger Hunt- We would like you to join us for a picture scavenger hunt.  Using a camera find as many items as possible on this list and photograph them.  The couple who sends their list first, electronically to the other, wins the game.  RULES- Do your best. You cannot copy others pictures! Use your creativity if you do not have an item.

Empty tin can                          
Hairy foot                                     
Jewelry spelling your first names            
Childs toy                                    
Trash can                                    
Cooked brownies                               
Wisest book you own                        
You favorite movie, as a couple               
One of you toilet papered into a bunny   
25 paper clips arranged artistically        
Stuffed animal
Pillow fort
10 glasses filled with water
The cleanest room in your house
Picture of you as a couple 
Something silly 
Spiciest condiment 
Two hand drawn pictures (one of an angel and one of a cat and dog)
When you are done sharing photos and talking with the other couple ENJOY your brownies!  If you do not want to include another couple you could also do this with two.  You will need two cameras and you may want to divide the list and brownie tasks. MyCreativeStirrings.com

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Jon said...

Oh my word, this sounds AWESOME! I totally want to do this - what fun!! Thanks for the great idea! I'm glad you are so creative, and grateful that you so willingly share your ideas, as I am sorely lacking in that department. :) ~Sarah