Sunday, November 4, 2012

Homemade Paper Mobile OR Chandelier :)

Homemade Paper Mobile

I created the base for my mobile by bending a piece of wire in a spiral and wrapping green furry yarn around it.  Then, I cut long pieces (of varying sizes) of the same yarn to attach my circles to later.

This mobile is made out of text weight paper (white and three shades of green).  I started by cutting out many sizes of circles.  Then, using black ink, I stamped a simple pattern on half of the circles.  

Next, I taped each circle onto a piece of the green furry yarn.  I did not have time to weave the yarn through holes and luckily did not notice the tape when the project was all done.  Finally, I tied my pieces of yarn (with taped circles) to the wire piece and trimmed up the ends to make it look complete.

My mobile hung in the middle of a bed drape that I attached to the ceiling.  I attached it with four pieces of dental floss.  Voila!

If you use this for a party hang it in a bedroom when you are finished.  You could consider this a paper chandelier :).

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