Friday, September 21, 2012

Tissue Paper Lantern Tutorial

This lantern is made from tissue paper, light weight paper, parchment paper (similar to wax paper), glue, contact paper, and embellished with rubber stamps.  This lantern could be adapted for any occasion!  I used it to spruce up my Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party.

Start by embellishing varying colors of tissue paper and then cut them into strips.

Tear off a piece of parchment paper (a little longer than the width you would like your lantern).  Using a glue stick, adhere the tissue paper strips onto the parchment paper and trim the edges.

Turn your lantern over and using a large ruler mark lines (the same width as an individual strip).  Next, cut along your markings.  Glue each strip onto a piece of parchment paper (this piece of parchment paper should be the exact size you want your lantern). 
Alternate strips so that you have variation in your layout.
Add additional elements that help blend your lantern and keep it interesting.

The top and bottom pieces are strips of stamped tissue paper.  Quick simple elements will also look nice.

Trim all excess paper from the edges of your lantern so that it looks clean. 

Place a piece of clear contact paper over the top to secure your pieces into place.  Then, gently roll your lantern up and staple or tape in place.

Use battery operated tea lights to light your lantern as real candles could result in a fire.

I would like to thank Betty Folmer for teaching me how to stamp!  These stamps bring back oodles of fun memories...thank you Betty!

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