Thursday, September 13, 2012

Namesake Celebration

Were you named after anyone?  Were your children?  If so, this post is for YOU!** 

My children and I decided to celebrate those in our lives whom we were named after.  I allowed each family member to pick two items that represented their person to decorate the table.  We had 8 decorations total (fish plates, cowboy hat, flowers, fake bird, books, scrabble pieces, purple table cloth, and music place cards)  

During the dinner we talked about these special people.  The kids had a blast learning more about their ancestors.
For dinner everyone picked a food that their person liked.   We stuck to quick versions of everything as this was a last minute idea :).

Glimpses of the table:

After our lovely dinner we all wrote notes to the people whom we were named after and told them about our special dinner, something we like about them, and ways that we are similar to them.  If someones namesake had passed on we shared this note with one of their living children.  

We had so much fun that I think we will repeat this activity again.  We may change it up in the future to keep the party lively.  Stay tuned :).  This is a great way to Encourage Family Relations and Discuss Genealogy!

**If you or your children were not named after family you could still celebrate your ancestors!  Just have everyone pick an ancestor to celebrate and learn more about.

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