Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baby Beach Bum Game Towel Tutorial

Baby Beach Bum 
Game Towel Tutorial

This is a fun FREE Tutorial to promote family fun water activities!  It was featured in my Baby Beach Bum Birthday Party post.  It will take you a few hours so put in a good movie and pop some popcorn!
Dimensions are up to you and your towel sizes.  Keep in mind that every time you sew a line your product shrinks by ~1/4 inch.

1. Gather the following:
 A large inexpensive towel to act as your base  
Two additional towels of varying colors (towels 2 and 3) 
A piece of cloth for the inside of your checker board
A large piece of velcro  

It is a pain to work with this material.  If you do not want little pieces of towel all over your home then substitute towels 2 and 3 for another material that will dry quickly and wash well.

2. With a disappearing marker draw even lines lengthwise (the entire length) across towels 2 and 3.

3. Cut along your lines.

4. Sew towel strips together alternating colors between towels 2 and 3.
5. Sew strips together until you have 8 rows across.
6. Flip your towel over and iron each seam open.
7. Using your disappearing marker draw 8 evenly spaced straight lines perpendicular to your towel strips.  Then, cut those strips out and flip them over.
8. Line up your cut strips as shown above.  Next, eat a piece of chocolate!  You may need a little extra sugar before you continue :). 
9. Sew each strip together.  You may need to use pins to ensure that your corners line up.
10. Flip your solid piece over and iron all seams open.
11. With right sides together sew your checker board and extra piece of fabric together leaving a 5 inch gap along a side.  Then, flip it right side out and seal up your opened edge.
12. Lay your checker board on top of your towel  and pin in place leaving the top portion unpinned.  Next, pin your piece of Velcro onto your towel with the rough side of the Velcro facing away from the towel material.  Sew your Velcro in place.
13. Admire your work :).  Then, sew 1/4 inch from the edge of the checker board around the entire board where the arrows have been placed on the diagram above.  Make sure you do not sew the Velcro portion closed.  The red line in the middle is meant to decrease your pocket size.
14. Fill your towel with fun games.  You can purchase my Beach Bum Games PDF File for only $6.99 in my shop!  That is 6 games for $6.99!  You do not need a checker board to play these if you do not want to make this towel purchase the PDF file anyway as your family and friends will not regret it.
For added protection place your games in a closeable bag and place them in your giant checker board pocket.
Roll your towel up
You do not need to tie it up but can if you desire. 

Happy Summer

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