Monday, June 4, 2012

Tropical Leaf Hair Clip

Here is a quick tutorial on a Tropical Leaf Hair Clip.
You could use a myriad of leaf shapes; I used leaves from fake roses.  Cut narrow triangles along the sides of each leaf.

Gather 6 leaves (still attached in clusters of 3 if possible), two buttons (representing coconuts), and one covered green hair clip for each clip.
Then, hot glue the first leaf bunch onto the clip in the position shown.
Then, hot glue the second leaf bunch on top of the first.  Make sure you can see many leaves and that you do not layer them directly on top of each other.
Next, glue both of your brown coconut buttons as shown above.
Here is one way you can use your hair clips; to embellish party cups!  Stay tuned for my upcoming Baby Beach Bum Birthday Party that showcases these fun palm cups.

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Rachelle said...

So fun! I love the palm tree cups. I can't wait to see the whole party!