Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby BEACH BUM Birthday Party

My little lady recently turned ONE!  To celebrate we threw a Baby Beach Bum Birthday Party!  This party would be perfect for any ocean, under the sea, or beach party.

I created a bright generic beach themed table spread for the birthday dinner.

My table cloth was tropical blue and I used dark brown bamboo place mats for a stark contrast.

These tissue paper seagulls were made by re-using the tissue paper bunnies from my Easter Table Setting.  The seagull embellishments were made with scraps of grey, orange, white, and black paper.  I easily adhered the pieces with tape.

This was not the birthday cake...but a mound of cornbread to eat with the meal.  Organizing the cornbread into a sand castle added an extra element, color, and height.  The brown fish on the cake platter were made from brown cardstock and adhered with tape.

I created these lanterns with 12x12 inch pieces of orange paper (one per lantern) and custom designed paper surfboards cut from paper scraps. 

I should consider designing surfboards for a living :).
The flower and leaf embellishments were cut from a piece of Hawaiian scrapbook paper.

My place setting was simple.  I used our kitchen plates and silverware, brown wash clothes (also used in my Easter Table Setting) as napkins, and brown paper cups with a leaf hair clips.

I cut out white fish and taped them onto each hand towel.  You could play a game with this idea by writing questions on the back side of each fish...  Or you could embroider these fish onto each towel and give them to your guests as a party favor along with some fish shaped soap...
My cups were upside down brown paper cups with leaf hair clips resting on top. Stay tuned for a tutorial on this tropical hair clip!

Last minute, I created a second table to seat some of my smaller guests.  My surf board back drop was made during my first attempts to come up with ideas for this party.

I found these fish plates for $.50 at a craft store.  The napkins were orange paper napkins leftover from another party and the place cards were initially going to be used on the larger table.

I made another cornbread sand castle and filled a little dish with shark crackers.

These place cards were made using white cardstock and rubber stamps.  I inked the edges of each card to give it a finished look.
Here was our "Beach Bum Birthday Cake...or Dessert!"  Stay tuned for a tutorial as it was mighty tasty and very unique!

I had a blast making the party favor!  I created Beach Bum Games for the whole family to enjoy at the beach, by a pool, or at home with a little creativity.  I have already played these games with my children who have deemed them their new favorite games.  

Purchase your PDF Beach Bum Games File today for $6.99 in my Etsy shop.  It is well worth the cost as it will yield hours of fun for all ages...all year long!  If you are not in need of fun games give this one of a kind GIFT to someone you care about!  Your recipients will be thrilled!

You do not need a special game board to play these 6 interactive games.  You simply print off the file, quickly cut out the pieces, and start playing!  You will need one deck of playing cards and one Di.

For More Information: Beach Bum Games
To Purchase Your PDF File: Beach Bum Games File

Have a safe, fun summer and 
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Beach Bum Games PDF


Amber said...

Oh MY!! This is adorable; I love everything about this. The seagulls are brilliant just like everything else.

Ps.. those photos of the little one on the beach are just priceless.

Well done!
Can I be you when I grown up?

Rachael said...

This party turned out so fun!! What a great idea.