Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tangled Birthday Party (Rapunzel)

Here it is!  I took 1500 photo's of this party and somehow narrowed it down to 24 on this post.  Oh my!  This is a good reason to give ample credit to those sites you get great ideas from!  They put a lot of work into helping others...for free :).  I hope you enjoy these party ideas as much as I did creating them!  My little Penelope certainly did :).

Pictures of my table setting:

My lanterns were made from 6"*12" pieces of purple card stock stapled together.  I taped yellow suns onto the front of each lantern and pink tulle ruffles on the bottom.

My purple paper and pink tulle varied in colors...because that is what I had on hand :).

Each place setting is created with a piece of cardstock as the place mat.  I chose this paper because it tied almost all of  my colors together (pink, blue, brown, silver, and yellow).  Unfortunately, there was no purple on this paper.  I think with how frequently I used purple at multiple levels it all blended well in the end.

I came up with a genius idea to have my guests eat out of a frying pan.  I later discovered that the rest of the world had already figured this one out...oops.  However, my frying pan is unique :).  I could not find any on-line made out of tin pans!  The handle is made by stapling a piece of cardboard onto the pan and then covering it in foil.

My silverware is folded in a yellow paper napkin and tied with a homemade Maximus napkin ring.

I found plain wood horses at my local craft store for $.09 a piece.  I couldn't pass it up!  I painted them white and added some gray (feet and snout) and tan (hard to see in the picture-mane and tail) to make it look more like our friend, Maximus.  The saddle is cut out of card stock and taped onto the brown tulle which is wrapped around his belly.  I stamped our guests names onto each saddle using white ink.

This is the backside of Maximus.  I tied a small piece of tulle around his belly.  Then, I strung a longer piece of tulle through the backside of his belly piece (as shown above) to wrap around the napkin.

I chose purple paper cups to help tie purple into the table setting.

My cups were relatively simple.  I tied a piece of gold tulle around each cup leaving the ends long for added fringe.  To secure your tulle insert a piece of double sided tape or glue a small portion of the tulle to your cup. 

I made flower clips for each guest to keep.  I made these by hot gluing, a folded and tied, piece of blue tulle onto a circular piece of felt.  Then, I hot glued the center of the felt circle (on top of the blue tulle piece) and began twisting/adhering a strip of rolled pink fabric around the circle.  I added more glue as I went along.  I completed the flowers by gluing blue buttons onto the front of each clip and a hair clip onto the back.

Finally, I clipped a flower onto the gold tulle at the knotted section.

My cake was the highlight of this table setting!  Detailed instruction are posted in my Tangled Birthday Party Cake post. Here is a quick overview.  This boat is made out of a cardboard box and spray painted with gold spray paint.  I took a flattened box (one side ~40 inches long) and opened it in the middle ~9 inches.  I added one more crease on each side to get a better boat shape.  Then, I folded the bottom edges in and clipped off the pieces that hung over.  Next, I taped the bottom with pakaging tape avoiding the sides of my boat as I did not want to create another texture to spray paint.  The bow (front) and stern (back) boat pieces were cut out seperate and taped into the boat. 

I hot glued small brown pom poms around the perimeter of the boat's rim and tucked two colors of blue tulle (2 yards total) around the base of the boat to represent water.  I am posting a separate post with more details on my Tangled Cake soon, so stay tuned.

I attached items onto the bow and stern of the boat.  The boats bow (front) dangles Flynn Rider's satchel and Rapunzels hair flows from the stern (back).

These satchels were made in less than an hour with scraps of fabric.  I did not finish any of my edges due to time constraints.  Each boy received a satchel at the party which contained a game for all guests.

I photographed each party atendee in advance and created a poster for each.  These were folded up and placed in one of the two satchels.  When a guests picture was pulled out of the satchel they were suppose to hide from everyone.  The player who found the theif got to pull a Reward paper out of the second satchel.

The Reward paper stated what the theif had to do to pay their captor.  Examples: Theif must tell you a story, sing you a song, draw you a picure, dance for you, give you 3 hugs...

Here is an upclose picture of the boats stern.  I created a large braid for Rapunzel by cutting and folding 2 yards of yellow tulle.  I tucked it in the boat under the cake.

My party favors were full of unique goodies.  Check out my Tangled (Rapunzel) Party Favor post for all the FUN details!


Nicholas said...

Way to go Melissa. You are so creative. Love it!

Jenny's Heart said...

Oh MY! How adorable, what a wonderful party! So pretty and creative You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome creative spirit! Keep it going and posting!