Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Beach Bum Party Favor

Here is a one of a kind Party Favor for the upcoming Baby Beach Bum Birthday Party.

Baby Beach Bum Birthday Party
Do not be deceived...this is no ordinary towel...

When my guests opened it up they found a giant checker board which doubles as a pocket.  Inside the pocket were 6 original games, instructions, and pieces.  What a great way to keep kids busy and active at the beach, by a pool, or at home!  You do not need a checker board to play these games.

The 6 games included:

Beach Bum 52
Hide n' Seek Whale
Sharks and Seals
Beach Bum Bob's Bodacious Board Game
Secret Message Scavenger Hunt
Ocean Charades

Here are a few glimpses:

YOU can purchase your very own Beach Bum Games
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These 6 games equal hours of fun for ALL ages!   Each game varies in time from minutes to hours depending on how long you want to play.  All you have to do is print off the file and cut the games out.  There are easy to follow lines to help you cut straight :).

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