Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Service Idea with fun Easter Cookies

Recently, I received the most beautiful gift from my new friend, Rachel.  She shared one of her family Easter traditions with me.  It was a beautiful perennial and a tender note that compared the flower to the priceless gift we have all received from our Savior.  Her willingness to share, love of the Savior, and thoughtfulness truly touched my heart and inspired my mind with the following idea.  Although Easter is over, Spring is not, and neither is our need to give :). 

Spring Service Idea
My Creative Stirrings

If you are giving this as a gift, print the following off and place it in a gift bag with two flower seed packets and a spring goodie.  If you are participating then read the rest of the post and simply fill your bag with seed packets and a treat to share.

When you get a gift
How do you respond?
When someone gives you a toothy grin
What do your lips do?
When a person embraces you with their love
Do you stand completely still?
If someone gave their ALL for you
What could you give back?

Invite someone to join you on your journey.  Then, grab this bag and head out the door.  When you join your buddy start by asking them about themselves (even if you "think" you know them).  Be kind in your conversation by giving of yourself through questions, compliments, and love. 

After a few minutes, or many minutes, pull out both seed packets.  Give one to them and keep one for yourself.  Open your packets and starting tossing seeds as you walk; one seed at a time.  Continue to talk (You could share one reason you are happy to be alive every time you toss a seed.  Or, you could take turns telling what you are grateful for.  Or, you could simply talk and enjoy each other’s company as you plant beauty).

When your seeds are gone find a place to sit.  Pull out the spring goodies and share.

At Easter we celebrate the gift our Savior gave us.  He gave His all!  Life is a gift!  You have been placed where you are for a reason.  Rise up to the potential that is within you and give back in every aspect of your life.  You will find greater fulfillment and joy than you have ever thought possible.

Items to include:
Seed Packets

Easter Cookies or Easter Treats

Re-use a bag:
Here is one way to re-use a department store bag!  Make a fun decorative strip to cover the stores name!

I made this decorative strip with rubber stamps and paper.


Jenny's Heart said...

That is such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Cutest idea ever! I absolutely loved receiving it from you, it was such a sweet gift and so thoughtful. I planted the seeds with my mother and we had a wonderful time. Since I live in an apartment, we modified it a little and planted them in pots but did everything else as suggested. It was so much fun! I can't wait to see the flowers sprout.

Thanks again!