Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Bunny Napkin Fold

Here is a new bunny napkin fold for your upcoming Easter celebration!  It is quick and easy.  Find white, tan, pink, cream, gray, or brown napkins.  I used newly purchased brown dish cloths for added fuzz and chub. 

Instructions: Roll each napkin up to form a rope.  Then, curl it around itself like a snail shell as shown above. 

Flip it over to the backside and tack the end in place by tucking it into itself, or by using tape or a large safety pin.

Dip two of any color spoons into chocolate.  Pipe on a different colored icing for the inner portion of the ear.  Place your bunny head right side up on top of your spoon handles.  Decorate your bunny face with various candies.  I used Smarties® and mini chocolate chips for the eyes and Bottle Caps® for the nose.  Marshmallows would also work great!

Side Note- If you choose your spoon color wisely you could avoid one of the frosted layers.  Example- I could have piped just brown onto my white spoon leaving the middle portion open.

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w said...

clever bunny!