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Tangled (Rapunzel) Party Favor or Gift

(Rapunzel) Party Favor
or Gift Idea

Here is a sneak peak at one element from my Tangled Birthday Party (I have two posts: click here for the party and here for the cake)This Tangled Party Favor would also make a fun gift for any occasion!  Send it with your child when they attend their next Tangled Party and your unique gift will steal the show.

A peak inside Tangled's Castle:
I stuffed the top with strands of yellow tissue paper.

Grow your own hair Rapunzel style...

With my very own
1. Rope Crochet Loom KIT
This idea was originally introduced to me by my Great Grandma when I was a little girl.  I believe it is best suited for children ages 6 and up.  I  think it is time to reintroduce these to the world!  They are AWESOME for beginning sewers!!!

Each kit included a spool (designed to match the colors of the party), yellow yarn, a crochet hook, and instruction page.

I made 4 extra if anyone is interested in purchasing them (click the following to go to Etsy: Rope Crochet Loom's).  Notify me if you would like more, as more can be made!

2. Maximus' Horse Shoe Game

Horse Shoe Game
Instructions: Because I prefer
the outdoors this game is best
played outside. Place Mother
Gothel firmly in the ground.
Take 5 steps back. Face Mother
Gothel and try to hook my horse
shoes around her. This game is
fun to play with more than
one player!  If players have
difficulties- award points each
time they touch Mother Gothel
with a horseshoe.
I found plain wooden horse shoes at our local craft store for $.05/each.  For that price, I decided I had to come up with a game using them :).  I painted each horse shoe brown, then, decoupaged scrapbooking paper onto half of my horseshoes.

Mother Gothel was made by copying an image off the Internet and laminating it with packaging tape.  Then, I adhered her to a purple Popsicle stick I had stamped, "Mother...knows best."

3. Pascal's Multi-Colored Candy Game
There has to be some kind of goody in every party favor...right?!  Why not include one that has a fun interactive game attached.  I have used this game in a few of my posts.  It is very versatile.

I taped instructions to an M&M box and tied it up with white tulle.

Multi-Colored Candy Game
Pour a pile of multi-colored candy in the middle of the table.  Pick someone to start the game (a starter).  That person selects one candy without revealing his pick to anyone else (select with your eyes only).  Then, going clockwise around the table two times (depending on the amount of players) each person takes one candy trying not to pick the one the starter selected.  If a player picks the same candy that the starter selected then he or she has to give all of their candy to the starter and the player to the starters left becomes the starter.  If the selected candy is not picked while going around the table two times, the player to the left of the starter takes over.  When all the candies are gone the player with the most candies wins the game.  (Photograph found at:
Tangled/Rapunzel Castle Instructions:

Start by gathering empty circular containers.  I used a large Oatmeal container.

Then, roll a piece of scratch paper into a cone that fits in the center section of your lid as shown above.  You may need to cut the paper as I did in the picture above.  Once you are happy with your shape trace it onto your nice paper and cut it out.

Roll your castle topper up and staple or glue in place.  Hot glue it onto the lid.

Next, hot glue green fringe around the perimeter of this piece.  You could use yarn or small pieces of tissue paper.

Cover your container with scrapbooking paper.  Then, punch holes to insert your handle.

As for the handle I made this by braiding 9 strands of yellow yarn.

With a little fore thought you can make your yarn emerge from side windows. 

The windows were made with paper and glue.  I drew lines on to my white paper to act as a guide.  Glue your "X's" and windows down first.  Glue the dark outlining lines on last for a smoother look.

When creating the vines I cheated :).  I found a piece of paper that had pre-printed ivy.  Then, I cut out various pieces and glued them on!  If you have access to an ivy diecut...use that!!!

TA DA!  You could simplify this party favor or gift by only re-creating a few of these elements.  As long as you have a yellow braided handle I think you will be good to go...Rapunzel style!

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