Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Luck Challenge

Are you ever disappointed when Holidays are over?  If so this post is for you!!

Good Luck Challenge
Starting today, as a family or an individual, fulfill one of these tasks per day so that you have completed all of them before April 1st.  If you start after March 19th you may have to do more than one a day.  If you meet this challenge April will be a month filled with good luck...maybe because your outlook will be a bit brighter. 

To-do List:
Figure out a prize
Invite someone to join you
Print off this list
Cut and fold each task then place them in a bowl
Pick one a day to fulfill and GOOD LUCK!

Challenge List:
1. Wear every color of the rainbow on the same day (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo) does not all have to be visible or all in the same outfit
2. Talk to someone in an Irish accent
3. Eat an Irish inspired food (soda bread, potatoes, Irish stew...)
4. Turn ordinary items into St. Patrick Day inspired items in 3 of your rooms (i.e. green towels rolled into a shamrock, hair bows or ties arranged on a bed in rainbow order, write a St. Patty’s Day message on a mirror or piece of paper
5. Put something green in your pocket...and leave it there all day!
6. Allow others to find a source of good luck by taking 5 coins and depositing them, heads up, in public throughout your day
7. Eat 3 different green foods
8. Start planning a trip to Ireland
9. Carry around your own “Blarney Stone” and kiss it once an hour
10. Learn how to identify what clover and clover flowers really look like, or if you already know, then go try to find some in your neighborhood
11. Wish 7 people good luck
12. Learn 5 interesting things about Ireland that you didn’t know before
13. Pick an Irish name, tell the person that has joined you in the challenge and have them call you that all day.

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