Friday, March 2, 2012

Children's Hug Me Snowman Apron

From The Other Half,

My Sister-in-Law is so creative!  She made this Hug Me Snowman Apron for her daughter recently and I had to show it (and her cute daughter) off!  Of course her daughter loves it too!  MyCreativeStirrings and I both convinced her to let us share it with you and to put a few up for sale on Etsy.  She only has a few up for sale because they do take a bit of time to make, so if you are interested, click on over to

Oh, and here is a fun photo of her daughter wearing it.  Now you know why I had to share!

From The Other Half

Children's Hug Me Snowman Apron

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Carmella said...

That's a very cute kids christmas apron! You have a very talented sister.