Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Birthday Gift...that costs NOTHING!

We are still poor :), as we are still students living on loans.  Sound familiar?  If you are struggling financially or just looking for something to spruce up your next birthday greeting, read on!  Read the entire post as you should have smiled at least once by the end...and sometimes a smile is all you need to get through the day :).

My brother just arrived at the big 30!  I decided to ask everyone in the family one question, over dinner, "Now that uncle Mike is 30...what should he do?"  I allowed each child to answer and wrote their thoughts verbatim.  Then, my husband and I finished it off to total 30.  I had to try really hard to not laugh while carefully recording, but didn't succeed when we re-read them.  The kids could not figure out why it was so funny the second time. 

After collecting myself and burning many calories from laughing I typed the answers up and sent them off, pleased with my frugal results.  Even if Mike does not find humor in this or follow suit and carry each idea out, it was all worth the laugh.  It got me through the rest of the fact I am still trying to hold back my laughter.

If you do not have little ones around try interviewing people in your life or come up with ideas yourself.

30 Things You
Should Do...
Now That You Are 30
Tommy- age 7
Go surfboarding
Go fishing
Climb trees
Come to our house someday
Get your driver’s license
Go to school
Say hi to your mother

Olive- age 5
Go raspberry picking in grandma’s bush
Grow an apple tree
Go biking
Get clothes for your girl friend
Go outside when it’s dark and look for fairies
Go hunting for bears and eat them   (she is always wanting to eat dangerous animals...strange child!)
Pick apples from your apple tree

Penelope- age 2
Eat sandwiches, pickles, and hot dogs
Have clocks
Him do homework
Hunt for monkeys, tigers, and bears  
Have a party
Hunting for cookies and eat dum
Go in a fence...has dogs in it  

Genavieve- age 10 months

Melissa- age...30ish
Try a new sport
Make a new friend
Memorize a fun quote and tell it to a stranger
Sing someone a song (birthday songs do not count)

Thomas- - age...30ish
Grow your hair out while you still can
Buy a motorcycle and tour across Canada
Cook yourself a steak on a weekly basis...because you can and you live in Texas
Sit back and laugh at all the stupid things those in their 20’s do (Be grateful for your excess wisdom)

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