Tuesday, February 7, 2012

True Love Snack Mix

Here is a fun Valentine neighbor gift or kid craft.  Just fill a large container (I used a peanut butter container) with items mentioned in my silly poem.  You can easily change food words if you do not like the ones I listed (i.e. raisin to craisin, pretzel to cracker...).  Please give me appropriate credit...even if you change a few words.  Thank you!

My True Love Snack Mix is supreme!
It’s filled with goodies galore.
Each treat inside represents a trait
found at my true love’s core.

I want you strong like a raisin
and silly as a nut.
Snuggly like a marshmallow
in our cozy little hut.
Snappy as a pretzel
and endless like a ring.
Filled with love and patience too,
is yet another thing.

I want a lover who is tightly bound
and sweeter than my faithful heart
that’s waiting to be found.

If you find my sweetheart,
my true love you must be. 
For now we are bonded forever
as you have my heart, you see!
Written by MyCreativeStirrings

Don't forget to place one candy heart in your mix!

I attached a copy of the poem to the container and topped it with a paper flower bow made out of paper scraps.  I will post a tutorial for this soon!

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Rachelle said...

Wow, you are turning into quite a poet! I love all of your Valentine's ideas. I need to use them to get our family in the spirit this week!