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Beauty and the Beast Party Favor

Beauty and the Beast
Party Favor

Here it is!  This party favor correlates with my Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party.  Check it out for more original cheap homemade ideas. 

I used a can...surprised?  You could use a large oatmeal container or any other package.  The label reads, "How to Tame your Beast.  A humorous invention to help with newlywed jitters. Congratulations and I love you, Dad."  This gift represented Belle's father and is suppose to be a wedding gift from him to Belle and Adam (the Beast) :).

I decorated my can using construction paper, rubber stamps, brown yarn, tulle, a pipe cleaner, and beads.

My handle was made by stringing beads onto a white pipe cleaner.  I punched a hole on each side of the can and attached the pipe cleaner through the holes.

Tulle was used to add extra fringe.  Tissue paper would also work.

Each can contained a fancy card.  I decorated the cards with rubber stamps and stamped tissue paper strips (blue strip).

The card said:

Party Favor Contents
How to tame your...

Lumiere Chapstick- to keep you looking your best and provide light for night time strolls. 

Mrs. Potts Cookies- for those midnight cravings.  Invite him to join love food!

“Guide About Women”- to help your sweetheart figure you out!  The next time his temper is out of control, hand him this.

Marshmallow Snowballs- Don’t forget to have fun.
Writing Tools- so you can take notes or write him a thoughtful note. 

Lumiere Chapstick- I made this by taping computer paper and a pipe cleaner around a tube of chapstick.  I drew his face onto the white paper but am sure you could print it off the internet if you didn't want to draw it.

Mrs. Potts Cookies- I was pretty proud of these cookies!  I even thought they looked good enough to sell, and I am definitely not a professional :).  I made the cookies in advance and decided to photograph them a few days after making them...oops.  When I opened the container I shrieked!!!  All of my colors had ran together.  This was the only cookie that survived.  I never heard what our guests thought as they opened the party favor after the party.  They were still edible.  It just looked as if Mrs. Potts was having issues.  I would if I transformed into a tea pot!

“Guide About Women”- I bought these journals for pennies and decided I was going to make them work for the party.  

The cover is decorated with a printed label and wrapped with black tulle.

The inside of this guide has coloring pages (you can copy off the Internet for free) with helpful hints for the Beast.  Find pictures on-line to match up with these phrases if you need some help.

Be Happy!  Grumpiness spoils all the fun.
If you take care of each other sparks will fly.
Don’t forget the little people...friends can be very helpful.
When in doubt, grab your lover’s hands and dance!
Give your sweetheart a gift that they enjoy.
Don’t be wastes precious time.
Look your best all the time!
Occasionally relax and then try, try again.
Full moons do crazy things to people.  Just maybe your beast will transform too!

Marshmallow Snowballs-  Where did that picture go????  I assume you all know what a small sandwhich bag of miniature marshmallows looks like???  In the movie, the Beast and Belle have a snowball fight.  However, due to his enormous stature his snowballs are a bit large.  This treat is a spoof off that scene. 

Writing Tools- Every healthy couple should send their sweetheart a kind word periodically!  You could include, crayons, colored pencils, markers...

Have fun planning your party!  I hope you gathered a few good ideas and please come back soon!

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