Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beauty and The Beast Birthday Party

Welcome to my Beauty and the Beast birthday party created and photographed by MyCreativeStirrings!  I like to create parties with a different flare, more specifically, unique, non-commercialized, easy to replicate, incredibly cheap, and very much homemade.  These parties are a fun challenge for me and hopefully a treat for those who attend.  Enjoy!

Here is one of the many princesses that attended the the form of a gift!

The colors for this party are blue and yellow which represent Belle and brown and gold to capture the Beast.  I used stain glass, red roses, and fur to embellish the table. 
Every main character is represented at this party.  Can you find them?

I made our bench into the footstool dog.

The dog was easily made by taping a red throw and gold scrap of fabric around the bench.  Then, I cut tassels from scraps of gold fabric and taped those on each end.

This husky light fixture characterizes Gaston.  It is the light fixture that hangs in the town pub.  I made it out of cardboard, toilet paper rolls, yellow tissue paper, brown construction paper, hot glue, and brown string.

I bunched scraps of gold tulle on both sides of the brown table runner to add a furry fringed texture.

This cake captures it all!  Isn't the red rose what holds the story together?  Which is why it is my centerpiece. 

I had a minor issues when creating this cake, hence the varied chocolates around the bottom perimeter of the cake :).
I have created a tutorial for this cake if you desire to make it too!  It is easy, looks clean, comes together quickly, and is incredibly rewarding.  I jumped up and down all around my house upon finishing it.  My kids joined in without knowing why they were jumping for joy :).

I created these "stain glass" lanterns to add some height to my table.  They are created with tissue paper, rubber stamps, glue sticks, and clear contact paper.  Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial.

Lumiere is represented on the candles.

Instructions: copy my portrait of Lumiere and cut it out. 

Then, tape his face onto white or cream candles.

I disassembled a fake red rose and dispersed the petals around the table.  I also made and dispersed chocolate long stemmed roses for guests to snack on.

Instructions: Place a chocolate kiss upright and gently push a thin metal wire through the bottom.  Make sure you do not poke the wire out of the top of the kiss.  Cover the kiss with red tissue paper or red cellophane.  The ends of the paper should be under the widest part of the kiss wrapped around the wire.  Close the tissue paper off with a piece of dental floss, clear tiny rubber band, or a piece of string.  Using green floral tape to cover the entire wire including a leaf 1/3 of the way down the wire.

The place setting came together fast.  The plates and cup represent Belle and the Beast through their colors, patterns, and textures.  The place card represents Cogsworth. 

I hot glued brown yarn around the perimeter of the brown plate to add some beastly fun.

Check out this amazing cloth the birthday girls Grandfather made!  What a treat!!  Check out his blog, Hawkins' Turnings, for more beautiful high quality handcrafted treasures and gifts you can purchase!

The name cards represent Cogsworth through their colors and references to time.
Each card had, "Memorable Movie Quotes" taped on the inside.  We all took turns guessing who said what from the movie during the birthday dinner.

This element captures our tea cup friends, Mrs. Potts and Chip.  The blue flower was random and semi last minute.  I decided the table needed more blue and so decided that each guest could have either a flower for their hair or a fancy boutonniere. 

These flower decorations were made from scraps of fleece and brown buttons.

My flowers came out a bit smaller than I had planned and so I quickly put a piece of tape across each cup to keep the flowers up.

My Fancy party favor was filled with fun!!  It represented Belle's father, Maurice, the Inventor.  The label reads:

How To Tame Your...


A humorous invention to help with newlywed jitters

Congratulations and I love you!  Dad

Check out this lovely Beauty and the Beast Party Favor as it is one of a kind!


Anonymous said...

So cute!! I love the blue flowers!

Meg said...

wow, this is a beautiful party! beauty and the beast was my favorite disney movie growing up. you did a fantastic job!

meg @

Rachelle said...

Such a fun birthday party! Any little girl would be thrilled :)