Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Ultimate...and Easy- Valentine's Dessert!

Here is a quick Valentine Dessert that is sure to win you a kiss!  It is a simple bundt cake covered in chocolate sprinkles and bars and topped with a rose made entirely out of fruit leather/"roll-ups".

Make OR purchase fruit leather.  If you are making it add food coloring or dry jello (for added flavor) to applesauce to get your desired colors.  I used a combination of generic Fruit by the Foot® and homemade fruit leather.  The generic product was extra sticky and helped me glue pieces together.

Using kitchen scissors cut your fruit leather into strips ~1 1/4 inches wide.  It is okay if your fruit leather does not curve like mine.  It will still work.

Take one piece and roll it up as shown above.  Secure with sticky fruit leather.  If you do not have sticky leather you could use other dried fruit, that is sticky, or carefully dampen the spot you want to adhere and press together.

Take each additional piece and roll it as you wind it around your flower.  Adhere each piece so that it remains sturdy.

Make sure you manipulate creases so that it looks even.  In other words...don't stack all of your folds over each other.  Periodically you may need to show an edge of your fruit leather.

Make or purchase different shades of green fruit leather.

Using kitchen scissors cut varying leaf shapes and sizes.

Place your rose on a small piece of cardboard.

Tuck your leaves under the rose but on top of the cardboard.

If you are using a bundt cake you will need to fill the middle.  I put spice containers in plastic bags and placed them in the middle of the cake.
Place your beautiful rose on top of your cake and snap a few pictures!  Don't forget to tell your friends or sweetheart that this idea came from,  Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!

From the Other Half,

Guys and Gals, the pictures don't do this cake justice.  This was really impressive, and a show stopper.  (I actually saw my wife jumping up and down in excitement after she made it, and the jumping was justified!)  Plus, it tasted so yummy!  I especially loved the strawberry flavored fruit leather that my wife made.

The Other Half 

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