Thursday, January 19, 2012


Ready to go on a trip? What are the world's views on the topic of LOVE?

I am mailing off 5 letters entitiled, "LOVE CHAIN". I will select 5 of my lucky friends or family to mail these letters to.  I will include the following instructions:

Write down some of your G-rated thoughts about love on the paper included in the envelope.  If you feel comfortable record your first name, age, city, and state/country you are from.  Then, stick the paper with all responses into an envelope and mail it to another person asking them to do the same. Over the course of a year we will gather thoughts on "love" from around the world!

If you receive this letter in February 2013 please record your thoughts and do not continue the chain.  Instead, contact me through for further instructions.  Thank you!

To keep tabs or send an update on this LOVE CHAIN go to and search under LOVE CHAIN. If you want to help the friend you are mailing to, include a pre-stamped envelope for their use.

Let the journey begin!

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Rachelle said...

I hope I end up being a part of this.