Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heart Attack- A Family Fun Activity!

Heart Attack
A Family Fun Activity

Here is a fun craft that continues its fun throughout the month of February!  This little Heart Attack box is a homemade match box filled with chocolate goodies and a surprise to be found.  On February 1st Heart Attack someone in your household by placing this box on their pillow or in a place that a specific individual is sure to find it (as a household create a few rules to keep things running smoothly).  When that individual finds the Heart Attack box they will get to eat one piece of candy from the box.  Then, they get to "hide" it for another to find.

For healthier options fill your box with crackers, cereal, or dried fruit (in a plastic bag).

Place this poem at the bottom of the box.  Once all the candy is gone gather all participants and read the poem out loud.

Heart Attack Activity
Now that you have had a jolt or two
It’s time to share your emotions true.

Come, let’s all gather around
And participate in a game where love abounds.

Each person will get to share
Why they love all others there.

When you have finished expressing love face to face
End the fun with a giant group embrace!
Written by


Ever wanted a match box without having to empty it's dangerous contents?
1.  Using a thin piece of cardboard (~cereal box) cut a 4 3/4" by 8 1/2" rectangle.
2.  If possible, perforate across the short side at the following measurements: 6/8", 3 1/8", 4 5/8", 7 1/8".  If you do not have a perforator slide the blunt side of a butter knife against the edge of a ruler.

3.  Fold along your perforations.

4. Using double sided tape or glue adhere your edges together.  You may want to make your actual box before finishing this step as you will not want this to be too snug.
5.  Using a thin piece of cardboard (~cereal box) cut another rectangle, 5 1/4" by 7 1/4":

6.  Perforate along the short side of the box 1 3/8" in, on each end.
7.  Perforate lengthwise 1 1/4" in, on each end.
8.  On the 1 1/4" measurements cut a long notch 1/8" wide and 1 3/8" deep as shown above.  Try to cut the notch starting on the 1 1/4" line and then going towards the outside perimeter of the box so that your notch is taken out of the square flaps not the rectangular flaps.
9.  Trim the end of each "square" flap (4 total) 1/8".
10.  Fold all of your perforated seams so that it forms a box.
11.  Using glue or nonstick tape adhere the flaps by folding the square flaps in first and then the rectangular ones last.

Admire your box :)

Decorate your box with a piece of scrapbook paper, stickers, buttons, ribbons...  I embellished mine with a single rubber stamp image of a bird.

Place your poem at the bottom of the box and then fill it with naughty goodies!  You may want to sample a candy just to make sure they are still okay!

Happy Valentine's Day!