Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can of Dates Kit and Vinyl Diaper Changing Pads on Etsy

Because people seem to love my Can of Dates, I just listed a Can of Dates Kit on Etsy!  Its much cheaper than buying the whole thing (the kit doesn't include the can, heart background paper, pudding, candy, popcorn, or bow) since the shipping is cut way down.  All you have to do is drop the 36+ included date ideas in a bag, box, Tupperware, etc. and stick on the provided label (oh and don't forget to add your own personal touches with gift cards, notes, cash, or small gifts).  

Also, people have been asking about my Large Diaper Changing Pads made out of water proof vinyl, so I just put them in my shop on Etsy!

Go check them out!



Amber D. said...

I just posted about your Can-o-dates and Sweetheart journal. I linked to your site, as well as your etsy shop! What a great idea!

Creative Stirrings said...

Thanks so much! It is wonderful to hear that people like what I love to do! Thank you for your kindness!