Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time Capsule- Gift Idea

Time Capsule

A thoughtful gift
for your sweetheart, parents, or grandparents

If you liked my Can of Dates idea, check out this one as I am sure you will love it!  In addition, it will make a fabulous Christmas gift for your parents, in-laws, grandparents, or sweetheart!

I made tissue paper flowers by folding, twisting, and rolling 3 inch wide pieces of tissue paper. 

One of my viewers encouraged me to create an anniversary gift idea...and here it is!  The best part is that this idea is adaptable and would work for any occasion.  I am really excited to share this idea because I think it is a super fun gift to make and receive!  It is a box filled with fun memories, letters, gifts, date night activities, pictures and so on.  Each deposit into the box will represent one year of marriage.  (Example and explanation- pretend the couple had been married for 25 years.  You would place 25 items in the box of which they could open one per day for 25 days or, if they chose, they could spread it over a longer period of time.)   This gift is incredibly thoughtful, super fun, and is tailored to fit your budget.

Start by setting a budget.  Then, gather information from appropriate sources.  Ask siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, and friends to share fun memories, pictures, stories, favorite foods, and so forth.  Decide if you want to include others in on the gift.  Next, decide what “25” items you are going to select to put into your box.  Once you have gathered your supplies make a box, number your gifts if you wish, attach a note, and give your gift.

IDEA- Give an album they can adhere appropriate gifts to as gift number one.  This idea was kindly given by my sweet sister in law!

Ideas for the Time Capsule:
(Ideas can be spread over a few days (i.e. a letter per day) or lumped (i.e. all the letters on one day) depending on your time, quantity of ideas, and how many years they have been married.)
1. Letters of love and gratitude from each child, grandchild, or you (if they have been married for several years then have each letter represent a day)
2. Favorite candy or treats
3. Pictures (family photos, funny photos, or tell a story using pictures)
4. A date night idea (i.e. my penny idea)
5. Tickets to a play, the opera, or a concert
6. Inspirational quotes about love
7. New game (deck of cards, board game for two)
8. Handprints from each child in the family regardless of age (it should bring back some tender memories)
9. Hand drawn pictures from each member of the family
10. Coupons- “good for one day of lawn care, a plate of cookies from the kids…”
11. Stories
12. Music- recordings of family members performing or store bought favorites
13. Homemade gifts
14. Items to remind them of their parents or family
15. Classic love movie
16. Small bag of candy with instructions for a candy game
17. Gift Certificate to a new restaurant for dinner or just dessert
18. A fun twist- you could represent each year of marriage with something specific from that year
19. Include a gift certificate to a portrait studio.  Or, if this is for your parents/grandparents offer to take a photo of the couple yourself.  You could give them a frame with a “portrait coupon” inside.
20. Have participants fill out a survey in advance.  Print their responses onto slips of papers and place in your Time Capsule.  Ask questions like, 1. What is your favorite memory of mom and/or dad? 2. What is your funniest memory of mom and/or dad? 3. List 5 words that describe mom and 5 words that describe dad?
21. Expressions of love ideas (type these ideas onto slips of paper and place each in an envelope):
          Tell each other about your favorite date
          Share 3 reasons you love each other
          Describe a dream date you would love to go on (different than any in the past)
          Before you kiss goodnight take turns telling each other a story using your imagination
          Without telling think of one way you can serve each other over the next 2 days
          Think of one way that you can serve someone as a couple (phone call, visit…)

Time Capsule Box Idea
Based on the amount of items you have, choose a box that will fit them appropriately.  Then, decorate your box using pictures, scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, pom poms, feathers, ribbons, handprints, footprints, or whatever suits your fancy.  Want to be extra thoughtful?  Find out what their wedding colors and flowers were and then decorate your box using those elements.  Include a note that explains your gift.  Here is an example of a generic note:

Dear Dad and Mom,

Merry Christmas!  Thank you for all of your support, service, and love over these last 32 years.  We have created a Time Capsule that captures glimpses from each of those delightful years and helps you treasure the upcoming years too.  Have fun opening one each day for 32 days!  Enjoy, and know that you are appreciated and loved.

Love, Your Children and Grandchildren


Rachelle said...

Wow, those boxes look great! Looks like a LOT of work to get these presents ready...

Creative Stirrings said...

Thanks Rachelle! But, no, not a LOT of work, unless you choose to do some of the more involved gift ideas. The beauty is, it is up to you!


Birthday Gift Ideas said...

Those boxes looks great.Nice post, Thank you sharing this type of information..

Creative Stirrings said...

My Other Half is soo cute! He is super kind to me and helps with a lot of the behind the scene details.

He commented to Rachelle that these were not a lot of work. Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. These were a ton of work!!!!

However, the gift recipients are still thanking us for these thoughtful gifts. I think it was the perfect gift this year and well worth the effort!