Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowman Family Fun Day!

This holiday we will be surrounded by family with lots of young children.  To help pass the time, while creating lasting memories, I came up with this Snowman Family Fun Day. 

I will start by dividing the families into teams with each family being a team.  Grandparents and Great Grandparents will join in smaller families so that the numbers are relatively even.  Then, throughout the day each family will participate in a series of 5 festive competitions

1. The Sneaky Snowman Contest
2. Build a Snowman Competition
3. A Snowball snow required
4. "Chubby Snowman" Contest
5. Snowman Charades

To top things off we will have a Snowman themed dinner (posting in 3 days!) and Snowman Chocolate Dip (Chocolate Fondue).  Then, we will end our fun filled day with a mini award ceremony.

May the best snowman family win!

1. The Sneaky Snowman Contest
Each family will get a bag of paper snowballs, a pen, and tape.  They will need to create a snowman family name (i.e. Frosties, Meltaways, Quick Carrots) and write it on each snowball.  In advance, I will tape a snowman head on the wall in a common gathering area like the living room.  Throughout the day each family will attempt to add a snowball onto the growing snowman body as shown above without letting anyone see.  If you are caught the snowman player will have to try again later...when no one is looking.  The family who adds the most snowballs by the award ceremony wins the competition!

Rule- You can not put your own family name twice in a row.  You must wait until another family has attached their snowball.

2. Build a Snowman Competition
Have each snowman family select one person from their team for this competition before giving the instructions.  Then, give each snowman family a roll of toilet paper and explain that they will have 7 minutes to dress their selected team member as a snowman.  To pick a winning team you could have a young impartial child vote or use the following as a guide:

1 point- to the most creative snowman
2 points- to the snowman who looks the most like Frosty

3. A Snowball snow required.
Yes...those are socks!  Gather all the white socks in the house or come prepared with socks from your own house.  Then, set some boundaries.  Create a large semi-enclosed area with markings.  Each family will take a turn (~2 minutes) being inside this enclosed area while trying to avoid being hit with snowballs.  Each family will also take a turn trying to nail snowmen in the enclosed area with snowballs.  The family who hits the most snowmen wins this competition!

To avoid taking a snowman to the E.R. you may want to have adults stand further back and throw with the hand they are least likely to throw with. 

4. "Chubby Snowman" Contest
Have each snowman family select one person from their team for this competition before giving the instructions.  Then, give each snowman family a bowl full of marshmallows.  Start a timer and see who can stuff the most snowballs in their mouth (without chewing or swallowing) before the timer goes off.  Whoever has the most in their mouth when the timer goes off wins the game!  Remind team members that they need to keep track as the selected person is inhaling!  You may not be able to count later :).

It's Dinner Time!
Stay tuned for my snowman themed dinner.  Here are some fun games to play while feasting on snowman grub:

Dinner Game #1
Candy Cane Elimination- Gather as many candy canes as you have people (at each table) to place in the center of the table.  Before putting the candy canes in the center use a permanent marker to draw a black dot on the bottom of one candy cane.  During the dinner pass the container of candy canes around and allow each person to take one.  The player who selects the candy cane with the black dot is out.  Then, continue the game until only one player is left.  You will need to take one candy cane out after each round so that you always have an equal amount to the number of players. 

Dinner Game #2
Getting to know your snowpals- You will need this lovely center piece (or sketch your own version) and a spoon.  I made a snowman to represent each child by writing their name on their snowman.  Take the spoon, flip it upside down, and spin it in the middle of the center piece until the rounded portion lands close to a snowman.  Then, ask that person to answer a question like:

What is your favorite food, color, season, animal...  Or ask them to tell a story or do a snowman dance...

For's Fondue! 

Snowman Chocolate "Fondue" Dip:
Snowman Shaped Peanut Butter Cookies
Snowman Arms (Pretzel Sticks)
Snowman Body Parts (Marshmallows)
...and lots of melted CHOCOLATE!

5. Snowman Charades
Sorry, no pictures for this one :).  Have each snowman family take turns allowing one of their team members to act out a phrase for their own team.  Put a time limit on it.  The team who guesses the most words wins the game!

Snowman Words:
Snow fall
Carrot nose
Black hat
Coal eyes
Baby snowman
Chubby snowman
Tall snowman
Small small small
Hot sun
Frosty the snowman
Stick arms

Mini Snowman Award Ceremony
Total up the wins.  Allow the winning snow family to pick their prizes first!  I bagged up a variety of snowman parts (pretzels, marshmallows, raisins, and carrots).  You could give a variety of have fun!

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Amber said...

OH, I can't wait! I really hope I am there for this one. Sounds so fun for everyone. I feel really, really lucky to be able to enjoy some of your creations. : )