Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowman Dinner and Dip

Dinner and Dip
Created by MyCreativeStirrings.com
To end our Snowman Family Fun Day we had a Snowman Dinner and Dip! 

Snowman Dinner Menu:
Melted Snowman Soup (Potato Soup)
Coal Eyes and Buttons (Black Olives)
Carrot Noses (Steamed Carrots)
Extra Appendages (Breadsticks)
Chocolate Fondue (with snowman parts                           and snowman shaped cookies)

My tablecloth is a sanitized bed sheet from a thrift center...don't tell my guests :).  If you do not have fancy tablecloths you could use wrapping paper.  Choose your colors based on your tablecloth selection.

This fancy centerpiece is made primarily of un-opened food cans wrapped in paper.  The hat is an open food can covered in wrapping paper with candy cane ornaments coming out of the top.  The scarf is made using a red napkin. 

The bottom portion of my centerpiece is made out of black poster board and multi-colored construction paper.

I made one snowman to represent each child who would be attending the party.  Their individual names are written on the bottom of the snowman that represents them.

These large cans are for the "Extra Appendage" soft bread sticks.  You can find #10 cans at most grocery stores, just look in their bulk sections.  You could also cover 1 gallon plastic ice cream buckets.

My place setting resembles a snowman.  Can you guess what each item represents?

The upside down bowl and plate represent the snowman's Top Hat.

The cup and coaster represent the snowman's Carrot Nose.

The napkin represents the snowman's Scarf.

To make the scarf you will need a large red napkin and half of a red pipe cleaner.  Unfold your napkin.  Then, refold your napkin so that it measures 1 1/2 inches by super long :).  Next, fold it in half lengthwise and trim the edges, as shown above.  Fold your napkin around your silverware and tie with the pipe cleaner.

To get extra napkin fluff you may need to avoid folding your napkin exactly in half.  The top portion will need to be approximately 2/3 of the total length.

Snowman Chocolate “Fondue” Dip:
Snowman Shaped Peanut Butter Cookies
Snowman Arms (Pretzel Sticks)
Snowman Body Parts (Marshmallows)
...and lots of melted CHOCOLATE!


NaDell said...

Super cute idea! I love the tablecloth/bed sheet! Nothing wrong with a little reusing.

sochie said...

Love the ideas too! you are soo soo soo creative!