Monday, November 14, 2011

Transformers Birthday Party

Birthday Party
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Here is my Transformer Birthday Party!  This was a challenging theme for me.  What are transformers?  They are not really vehicles and they do not have a lot of extra compenents to work with.  I tried to create a party that any and all could replicate without having to purchase items with transformer logos.  In the end it all worked out.  The birthday boy was thrilled and I got a few good snap shots.  Enjoy!

The table was divided into the Autobot and Decepticon side by metal cans that had the word, "Transformer" poked out. 

I used red to decorate the Autobot side.  Each place setting had a funky comic 'plate", embellished cup with a silver napkin, and regular silverware.

My comic plates were cracker boxes with a little make-over. 

I covered each box with (rubber stamped) white wrapping paper. 

Then, I lined the inside with laminated red construction paper and laminated pages from a comic book.

The cups were super easy to make!  I printed Autobot and Decpticon images from Vectorlogo and glued them onto my cups.

Then, I stuffed each cup with a silver napkin and called it good!

Decepticons use purple as their primary color.  So, everything was decorated in purple.

One of my center pieces were metal can lanterns with holes poked into them spelling out the word, "Transformer."

To copy this idea simply fill empty cans with water (almost to the top) and freeze.  Then, hammer holes into the can with a nail, defrost, and dry.  If the bottom of your can is not flat you may have to hammer it in.

Some of my cans also contained slips of paper and crayons.  We played games (questions for the game are located at the end of this post) throughout dinner and I allowed the guests to draw on the table.

We only invited artists to our party!

My lovely cake :).  I placed "The Cube" on top of a world and then hung Optimus Prime and Megatron Transformers above the cube.

The Cube was created from a giant krispy rice square covered in gray icing and embellished with black icing and cocoa powder.

I created the world by covering a punch bowl with blue tissue paper and green construction paper.

My Transformer Party Favor was a can stuffed with 5 different games.  Check out my next post for all the exciting details and links to download the PDF files!  Here is a link:

Dinner Game Questions
(Divide these questions into two piles.  Place one pile on the Autobot side and one pile on the Decepticon side.  Allow each side to take turns reading them out loud.  The side with the highest points wins the game.) 
+1 Point: To the side of the table with the fastest eater

-1 Point: To the side with the slowest eater

+2 Points:  If one person on your side is wearing both red and blue

+2 Points: If one person on your side is wearing purple

1 Point/Name: As a team name as many Autobots as possible

1 Point/Name: As a team name as many Decepticons as possible

5 Points: Using the cans in the middle of the table spell as many words as you can in 2 minutes.  Reward yourself the points if you get 20 or more.

5 Points: Using the cans in the middle of the table create a sentence using each letter of the word as the first letter of a word in the sentence.  You must keep the words in order of how they appear in the word “transformer”.  You have one minute if you wish to claim your points.

3 Points: You have one minute to get each member of your team to tell what vehicle they would be if they were a transformer.

3 Points: You have one minute to get each member of your team to tell what two colors they would be if they were a transformer.

My darling sister-in-law made this beautiful birthday banner!  Thank matched perfectly!


sochie said...

You are so creative! Love it!

Anna said...

Quick tip: if you fill the cans with sand, and then water, and then freeze, the can doesn't expand at all so the bottoms stay flat every time. I love seeing your stuff!

Creative Stirrings said...

Thank Sochie and Anna for the comment and Anna again for the great tip! I will have to try that out next time! Oh, and Anna, thanks for sharing recipes with us on your blog