Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Leaf Creations

Fall Leaf Creations

Turkey Instructions:
1. Gather cardboard and cut out 5-6 different sized circles.  Use your kitchen Tupperware and bowls as stencils.

2. Collect a variety of leaves and remove their stems.  Keep two brown colored stems for the legs.

3. Glue your leaves onto the upper outer rim of each cardboard piece.

4. Layer your cardboard pieces on top of each other and staple together.

5. Glue a large brown leaf on the turkey's body circle and then trim off the excess leaf (repeat with the turkey head).  Staple your turkey body to the rest of the circles.

6. Cut out an orange leaf triangle and find a red leaf for the wattle (dangly red thing) then glue in place.  Don't forget some googly eyes!

7. Use your leaf stems for the legs and tape them to the back of your turkey.

Pumpkin Instructions:
1. Cut out 1 large square, 1 small rectangle, and 1-2 elliptic leaf shaped cardboard pieces. 

2. Collect a variety of leaves and remove their stems.

3. Glue the leaves onto the cardboard and trim around the edges so that the outline of the cardboard is visible.
4. Adhere each pumpkin piece with a stapler.

This idea would be fun if applied to any holiday shape!  Allow the children to create Christmas, Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter decorations as well!


Steve and Katie said...

I love the pumpkins!! Those are so dang cute! I wonder if we still have any fall leaves left outside..... :)

Leslie said...

just finished making the fall leaf turkey with the kids! Super nice and colorful! thank you.