Friday, October 14, 2011

Witch Hat Brownies

Witch Hat Brownies

1 prepared pan of brownies, cut into 12 servings
½ container of vanilla frosting
¼ teaspoon of mint extract
Food coloring
Mini chocolate chips
12 Hershey® Kisses
12 Fudge dipped mint cookies or Peppermint Patties®
Purple sprinkles- for hat embellishments

In a small bowl combine the frosting with green food coloring.  Frost each individual brownie.  Place a fudge cookie in the center of each brownie.  Frost around the rim of each kiss and dip into a bowl of purple sprinkles.  Then, dab frosting onto the bottom of each kiss and place in the middle of each fudge cookie.  Using frosting to adhere; place a square sprinkle* buckle onto each kiss.  Sprinkle mini chocolate chips around the green frosted area (pointed side down).

Yields: 12 servings

*If you do not have square sprinkles you could pipe a frosted buckle onto the witches hat.

Made with a Peppermint Patties®

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LBP said...

How cute is that???!!!! Wouldn't that be adorable for a preschool Halloween party??