Sunday, October 23, 2011

Witch Cup and Straw

Here is a fun Witch themed cup.  Wrap a cup with purple fabric and tie with colored ribbons.  Then, follow my instructions to make my Witch Straw.

Witch Straw Instructions
1. Cut out the shape pictured above.  Using the top of the triangle and the bottom two corners as your reference points fold the two end corners into the center as shown.

2. Glue the folded edges around the straw.

3. Cut out an oval and punch a small hole in the center.

4. Push your straw through the hole and slide up to the top of the hat.  If you do not want the back side of your hat exposed cut out a triangle and glue over the exposed area.

5. Glue a piece of fringe around the hat rim.

6. Cut out buckle parts and adhere.

Add your fun cup to other fun Halloween ideas and enjoy your witchy meal.

The Witch's Broom silverware idea was also created by

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