Monday, October 17, 2011

Candy Corn Popsicles

Candy Corn Popsicles

This was a super fun treat to make and the kids loved it!  Your layers could be made with any orange, yellow, and white drink flavors you could think up.  I used apple cider with added orange food coloring (orange layer), orange juice (yellow layer), and milk* combined with sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla (white layer). 

You will need to allow each layer to freeze a bit before putting the next color on top.  Make sure your Popsicle is not frozen solid before inserting your Popsicle stick.  If you do not have Popsicle forms use cups.

Helpful Points:
1. A pudding combination could also be tasty and easier to layer without having to freeze each layer.  Check out my Frozen Fall Dessert for more detail.
2. *Milk layer recipe- 1 cup milk, 1 ½ tablespoons sugar, ¼ teaspoon vanilla, 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon.  Yields: >1 cup
3. To keep your Popsicle stick standing upright, try cutting small slits into a piece of paper directly over each Popsicle holder.  Then, insert the sticks through the slits as shown below.

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