Monday, September 5, 2011

Another bed sheet turned into a Dress

Where have I gone...?

I am still here :).  My Other Half found out he was graduating with his PhD 9 weeks ago.  He had 7 weeks to get two papers published, finish up multiple projects, and write and defend his thesis (118 pages).  At the end of these taxing weeks, unfortunately, he was not heading off on a cruise to celebrate but instead starting down a new school.  Because of his schedule this left all moving details to me and the four children...who were not much help.  We moved across the country to the DC area without ever having visited the east coast.  It has been quite the journey.  We survived the earthquake, hurricane, and move. 

I am exhausted.  However, the only thing that keeps me smiling is a super exciting Family Fun day that popped into my brain a few days ago.  Please be patient and stay tuned as our journey is not yet over.

I did create this dress but did not have time to post the instructions.  One of these days I will get around to it :).


Laura said...

Yay! So great to hear that you got there safely - you are sorely missed, but looks like there are many more adventures ahead for you!

Looking forward to family fun day!

Rachelle said...

So glad you have survived it all! I can't wait to see your new ideas. . .when you get a moment to breathe.

Becky said...

You're in DC?!? I had no idea. We are too. Let me know if you need anything!

Creative Stirrings said...

Thanks Becky! You are so kind!