Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Alien Adventure

Alien Adventure

A few weeks ago we treated our kids to a Family Fun Night.  They have been oddly obsessed with space creatures recently and so we decided to plan a night centered on aliens. 

Ideas for your Alien Adventure:
1. Have a treat!  We ate s'mores- marshmallows with chocolate frosted alien faces sandwiched between chocolate cookie UFOs.
2. Pitch a tent outside and pretended it is your astronaut base. 
3. Allow your kids to create an alien attraction device using paper towel rolls, foil, and other random items.

4. Ask your kids to come up with a plan in case you encounter an alien.  One of my kids concluded that a red button on their hand would create a force field un-penetrable to aliens.  I drew red dots on each child's hand.  Later that night as we were being attacked one child shrieked in terror because their dot had washed off.  I quickly reassured them that pressing another dot would also work.  Good thing the other children were not as thorough with hand washing :).

5. When it gets dark create UFOs using glow sticks and see who can throw theirs the farthest.
6. Take turns telling Alien themed stories. 
7. Scare your children!  You only live once.  You may as well enjoy the night yourself.  We asked a neighbor to scare our children.  I have to say it was quite comical.  We did have to make up to our kids by telling happy stories before bed.  It was worth it.
8. Try to create alien sightings (i.e. crop circles or unknown foot prints).  Then, convince someone they are real.

The ideas are endless.  Have fun and please feel free to share additional ideas.


Jenny's Heart said...

That sounds like so much FUN! It is creative and a memory your kiddos will always keep.

Nikki said...

Love this! Those chocolate cookie UFOs are awesome!