Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest Blogger, Perhaps A Project

Featured Guest Blogger:
A while back I put out a call for you, my creative followers, to let me know about your own creative blogs so that I could share them with the rest of my readers.  Well, Perhaps A Project didn’t ask to be featured, but I thought her blog was fun so I asked her permission to feature her blog!
Perhaps A Project started like many of our creative blogs, a way to document and share original ideas that can help and inspire others.  And, WOW!, Perhaps A Project is inspirational!  The creator shares fun decorating ideas (Decorating with Antiques),

great gift ideas (Miniature Rooms),

and practical but inspirational projects that helped her manage a family with teenagers (Family Command Center). 

I love so many of her great original ideas that it is difficult to highlight a few.  Check out www.perhapsaproject.blogspot.com for more ideas.
I love her Family Tree idea, using pictures and Scrabble tiles (as you can see, she has an affinity for Scrabble tiles!).  This is a fun way to keep up with a rapidly growing family tree.

Check out her fun and trendy Prom Dress Makeover!  She claims she is no seamstress, but she could have fooled me!  The back is so much fun, and the flowers on the front are a great added touch!  All of this for around $10!  Wow!

I can't say enough about the fun things Perhaps A Project is doing, check it out, drop her a comment... or two, and become her newest follower to let her know what a great job she is doing!

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Jana and Brett said...

I do love her blog! :0) She has some great ideas.